Playful Royalty-free Music

Playful background music, lighthearted children music for videos, cartoons and games

We particularly love this collection of loops, here you can listen to our selection of royalty-free playful and comedy music. This collection of instrumental music has been specially made for funny productions, entertainment, comedy, video games, and combines different styles of music, from happy jazz tunes or quircky 8 bit / retro game music tracks to orchestral pieces with a lively, lighthearted and a bit of hilarious feel to it. As such it works well as background music for videos like comical videos, commercials, bloopers, prank videos, but also for cartoons and animation. The arrangement used in these compositions often includes instruments such as piano, clarinet, xylophone, pizzicato strings, bassoon and other unusual and funny instruments that you would hear in circus and playgrounds. Like the rest of our music, you can download this playful music for free or purchase a royalty-free license and get the standard length music tracks.

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