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Royalty-free Movie and Underscore Music

The most inspiring, insightful and emotional royalty-free music loops are collected here

This royalty-free music collection has been carefully designed with the idea of going beyond the concept of stock music, which is made to be generic and ideal for any situation but can’t usually provide enough emotional content to be used in artistic productions. Instead, the focus here is to create a library of unique themes, touching underscore music tracks, meaningful melodies and film compositions that can literally inspire any creative director or producer who is looking for musical ideas to complement their creations. All the music tracks have been specially written to describe feelings, atmosphere, fictional settings, stories, and characters. The majority of these music pieces can perfectly fit video games such as role-playing games, adventure games or even first-person shooters with a strong plot. Another nice feature about this music category is that some pieces are arranged to give a futuristic, cyberpunk, sci-fi feeling, while others are mainly acoustic, folk and orchestral sounding and thus suitable for fantasy, fairy tales and stories about magic and fictional worlds. Hear this music by yourself and choose the perfect piece for films, video games, audiobooks and stories, drama, timescapes, documentaries, and even nature footages.

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