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Royalty Free Rock Music


Upbeat Rock Music for Videos

Inspiring, energizing and upbeat background track ideal to achieve a positive and uplifting mood. Starting with simple electric guitar chords and some glockenspiel notes, this upbeat corporate track progresses to reach a more powerful and inspiring rock arrangement with a very melodic lead guitar and riffs in the background. Suitable for any inspiring media, including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, lifestyle and travel, and more

Royalty Free Funny Music for Children

Pet’s Life

Funny Background Music for Videos

An easy going, carefree and funny background music loop. This instrumental music features xylophone, flute and clarinets, piano, trumpets, bassoon and light drums groove. This funny background music will be ideal as calm and funny music for children games, kids shows, funny animations and cartoons, commercials, video about animals and pets, YouTube videos, bloopers and much more.

Royalty Free Corporate Music

Bright Future

Uplifting Inspiring Corporate Music

An inspiring and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood, featuring clean electric guitars, piano notes, guitar mutes and harmonics, glockenspiel and modern groove. Suitable for positive and optimistic media projects, including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, business videos, lifestyle and travel, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers and more.

African World Music Royalty Free

Happy Tribe

Happy Tribal World Music

Happy and upbeat tribal music using mostly ethnic and acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars, kalimba, african nylon stringed guitar, traditional chants and a lot of different percussion and tribal drums. This african instrumental music features an exotic groove and an uplifting and celebratory mood. It will be the ideal background music for travel and holiday videos, documentaries, video games, cartoons for kids, animations, and other fun content.

African World Music Royalty Free

Mali Maafe

Upbeat Ethnic Music for Videos

Upbeat ethnic music using traditional african instruments, electric bass and clean guitars, african flute and percussion. Positive and uplifting instrumental music with a groovy and dancy drum groove will work great as background music for documentaries, travel videos, vlogs, video games for kids, animations, video footage about animals, and much more.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Net Bots

Upbeat EDM Music for Games

Driving and catchy electro EDM music track with some funky melodic lines, energetic and thumping drums beat, powerful bassline and a variety of synthesizer instruments and sound effects. This royalty free background music will be ideal in video games and animations involving space robots and machines, hi-tech machines, electronics, fast paced action scenes and much more.

8 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Star Way

Upbeat 8-bit Game Music

A super fun, happy and action-filled video game chiptune with classic NES style sounds, featuring many pulsating grooves, catchy melodic lines and a variety of rhythmic and percussive sounds. This upbeat and funny 8-bit music will be perfect for use in retro video games such as platformers, adventures, puzzle and casual games, dreamy and colorful sceneries and so on.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Cheerful Day

Happy Feel Good YouTube Music

Just like the title says! Cheerful, happy and feel good royalty free music with acoustic instruments such as ukulele and guitar which also give this music loop a nice tropical feel. Other than that, we have some catchy whistled melodies and a steady and modern groove with handclaps in the background. This royalty free music is a must for a large variety of projects including YouTube videos, Vlogs, App and games for kids, comedy and bloopers and fun commercials.

FM Chiptune Music for Games

Galactic Trek

Action Music for Retro Games

Driving and catchy retro game music with great energy and forward momentum, made with 16 Bit / FM synth sounds. This chiptune features a fast-paced groove combined with melodic electro funky leads. Ideal royalty free music to be used as background for futuristic games, racing games, shooters, fast platformers and any in-game scene that needs excitement and fast action.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Wacky Race

Funny Chase Music for Games

A silly rock and roll, upbeat music theme for retro video games. Featuring sampled guitars, electric organ, groovy drums and funny synth melodies. Fun and excited mood, it will be ideal as background music for chasing scenes, wacky races, challenges, parody and funny games, nasty characters appearance, frenetic action and so on.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Good Morning

Groovy YouTube Background Music

A relaxed, simple and easy going music loop with electric piano, glockenspiel, groovy bassline and downtempo electronic beats. Not too intense and with few simple melodies and riffs, will sit nicely on any background. Perfect music for background use on YouTube, lifestyle videos, vlogs, lounge and chill-out, advertising.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

World Cup

Football Music with Ole Chants

Powerful and very energetic music loop featuring big stadium drums and strong toms along with large crowd Ole Ole chants, claps, shouts, football whistle sound and brazilian / latin style groove. This background music is ideal for sports events, football soccer game, world cup videos, FIFA commercials, sports and fighting videos and much more.

Background upbeat music, happy and positive music for videos, games and advertising

Get a happy and energetic sound for the background of your productions! Discover our upbeat music selection made of positive and bright music that will bring optimism and liveliness to your productions, whether they are videos, commercials, youtube intros, advertising or even video games. This cheerful and lively instrumental music features any kind of music genres, from acoustic folk ballads and ukulele music to bouncy electronic beats or easy going rock anthems. Like all our music, this instrumental music is available for download both as free music loop or as a standard music loop that can be licensed under one of our royalty free licenses.