Our 2020’s Best Christmas Instrumental Music

A selection of Christmas Instrumental Music to use for YouTube Videos, Animation, Games and more

Any Christmas media can benefit from using the right winter music in the background. We offer a lot of Christmas instrumental music for videos and commercials, winter background Christmas music for Youtube, TV, and other media, and also Xmas themed video game music tracks for Apps and Games, including cartoons and animations.

What is making our background music ideal for this holiday season? Musically speaking, the perfect winter music should have a magical feel to it, making all the listeners fantasizing about a very special holiday time to spend with their family, friends, and pets. Or, from a more picturesque point of view, our Christmas can make you wonder about Santa Claus driving his holiday deer wagon through snowy mountains to the kids who are waiting for his presents. To put it short, with our music we tried to achieve positive vibes, sweetness, and joy, crafting some original music that could sound heart-warming, peaceful, and dreamy. We can safely say that our music wants to represent the classic mood of winter, family, love, and Christmas. In order to write the perfect Xmas music, we made sure that our arrangements would be using a lot of acoustic and orchestral instruments, strings, brasses, choirs, guitars, but also percussive instruments and mallets such as glockenspiel, celesta, and tubular bells, percussions such as sleigh bells, timpani, and all kind of cymbals. But we didn’t forget to add some electronic and synth sounds too – sometimes those are the best sound to make everything more fantastic and dreamy.

We gathered up some of our best tracks from our Christmas instrumental music catalog – some of them are original music tracks, with a light-hearted, upbeat, happy mood and just the right touch of Christmas magic. Some of them are just a reprise of traditional Christmas songs and carols that we all love. These will work wonders for playing on Christmas TV and Youtube spots, games and apps, and much more.

Let’s begin the magic with a selection of our Christmas instrumental music tracks:

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Many scary thanks to Morganval for the Christmas tree and decorations picture used on this post :-)