Ambience / Outdoor Sounds

Ambience and outdoor sound effects for Videos, Films, Animation and Video Games

A collection of outdoor sounds to use as ambience and background sounds for videos, films, games and much more. These ambience outdoor sounds are very helpful to recreate different natural environments, for example, you can find nature settings such as woodland, beach, fire camp, and even atmospheric conditions such as thunders and rain, wind and storm, ocean waves and so on. But we also created something more elaborate such as sounds in space, busy places, Halloween sounds like the graveyard, and other looping outdoor sounds that could be useful as replacement background sounds for movies, nature footages, slideshows, and video games. These sounds will be also ideal as background ambient sounds for role-playing games and board games. They’re free to use under Creative Commons Attribution License.
Bonus: all the ambience sound effects collected here are 100% seamless loops, so you have no limits on the duration.

Background Wind Sound Light Wind

Background Wind, Breeze Sound Effects

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Ambience Snow Storm Sounds Snow Storm

Background Snow Storm, Strong Wind Sound Effects

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Background Rain Sounds Light Rain

Background Rain, Raindrops Sound Effects

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Ambience Rain Downpour Sounds Downpour

Background Downpour, Heavy Rain Sound Effects

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Background Thunder Sounds Distant Thunders

Background Thunders, Distant Thunders and Lightning Sound Effects

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Background Sea Waves Sounds Sea Waves

Background Sea Waves, Tropical Beach Sound Effects

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Bubbling Brook River Water Stream Sounds Water Stream

Mountain Stream, Bubbling Brook, River Sound Effects

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Muddy Swamp Background SFX with Frog and Bubbles SFX Muddy Swamp

Muddy Swamp Background Sound with Frog and Bubbles Sound Effects

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Background Graveyard Crows Sound Effects Graveyard

Graveyard, Cemetery Ambience Sound with Scary Wind, Crows, Owl Sounds

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Ambience Birds Chirping Sounds Morning Birds

Background Birds Chirping Sound Effects

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Cicada Sound Effects, Hot Summer Background Sounds Summer Cicadas

Cicada Sound Effects, Hot Summer Background Sounds

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Crickets Sound Effects, Night Background Sounds Night Crickets

Crickets Sound Effects, Night Background Sounds

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