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Video Game / Chiptune Background Music

Music for video games and chiptunes to bring back the retro gaming era and fuel your indie games

We’re proud to have a whole category dedicated to background music for video games and chiptunes. And to be even more accurate, this music has been divided into three sub-genres: 8-bit music, 16-bit music, and music based on retro samples. The 8-bit background music has been produced with very old game systems and handheld consoles such as Nintendo Gameboy or Sega Game Gear in mind, also including retro computers like the Amiga Commodore 64. Raw and primitive sounds, limited channels and very fast and pulsating sequences. The 16-bit background music is mostly made with FM synthesis, the same used in old systems such as Sega Mega Drive (aka Genesis), PC / DOS games, PC-Engine (aka TurboGrafx-16) and other. Lots of aggressive grooves, digital synth leads, and bell-like sounds. Last but not least, our sample-based / tracker background music, featuring lo-fi instrument samples recorded from real instruments and analog or digital synthesizers. Many consoles such as Super Nintendo / SNES, Neo Geo, also including Amiga computers or later consoles like the Nintendo DS featured this genre of game music. If you’re a game developer, you have just found your number one source for your indie video games!

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