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World and travel music loops, discover a variety of many ethnic flavors

This world and travel music category is a unique collection of influences, flavors, and traditions from around the world! While capturing every single nuance and peculiarity of all the ethnic music genres would have been impossible or sounding just too difficult for the average listener, we decided to produce and collect here music inspired by the world, going for a fusion between ethnic styles and easy listening music, a unique result which could really express the definition of world music. Needless to say that this background music is produced with at least one, but usually more, traditional instruments from the different countries, such as bouzouki, african drums, sitar, erhu or chinese fiddle, didgeridoo, flamenco guitar, koto, etc. depending on the main ethnic style that one specific music loop is based on. The main influences for writing these compositions come from indian and oriental music, european and western music, celtic and latin music but also tropical, african and aboriginal music. The main target of this category is not only the travel and holiday industry but also any filmmaker or simple traveler who wants to enhance and share his or her personal story with a video about a journey to any destination. Let the sound of the whole world cultures inspire and enrich your project.

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