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PlayOnLoop is one of the most original and affordable music and sound effects libraries on the web, designed for and created by real audio professionals. Our main focus since 2010 has been to offer royalty-free background music which has been edited and optimized for easy deployment into Videos, Slideshows, Advertising, but also Video Games and Animation. We later introduced a whole new category dedicated to professional sound effects for Videos, Trailers, TV / Radio, and other broadcast productions.

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Why PlayOnLoop? Check out some of our key values and features

Exclusive music and sound effects library

Exclusive Content Only

All of our instrumental music and sound effects have been produced by our own team, which means that our content is 100% original and exclusive to this site and that we own the copyright to all the audio in our library. Safe and legal.

Free music and sound effects download

Free Downloads Available

We offer free downloads for both our music and sound effects! You can download a short version of all our music tracks, and get all our sound effects for free, these assets are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Seamless looping music and sound effects

Seamless Looping Audio

All our music tracks, and many of our sound categories, feature 100% looping audio files, cleverly produced to avoid any unwanted gap or little pause at the end of the file, thus perfect for use in both videos and games.

Music and sound effects bundle

Multiple Music Edits

Every music piece in our library has been cleverly produced in different edits, so that it can adapt to each media. You can choose between the main looping track (Standard Loop) or the whole set of music edits in one bundle (Premium Set).

But do not just take our word for it, start your music journey by searching for some background music now!