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Your project is almost complete - let’s add the final touch by adding some background music loops! Skip unwanted intros or endings, play just the most exciting music part over and over, manage small music files, choose between different music edit included in Premium Sets and bring life into your videogame, mobile app, youtube video and much more.

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Background music loops produced to fit any project

Flexible Loops

Music produced to fit every needs

PlayOnLoop does offer Premium Sets coming with multiple edits of the same loop to fit any project, from mobile apps to short films. Music Stingers have been also included in recent Premium Sets. More about Flexible music loops »

Tons of free music loops ready for download

Free Music Loops

Download all music loops for free

Every music loop you find in PlayOnLoop comes with a freely downloadable Short Edit, which is released under Creative Commons Attribution license and even suitable for commercial use! Everything about Free music loops »

Where to find background music loops for video games

Perfect Game Music

Looking for videogame music?

All PlayOnLoop music loops are ideal for use in videogames, but there’s more! A whole category dedicated to retro videogame music - from 8 bit chiptunes to FM and sample based music. Find music for Video Games »

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