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Background Music for Advertising

Background Music for Advertising

Make Your Advertising Memorable with Royalty Free Music

Are you looking for royalty free music to enhance your advertising? Our free music for advertising can help you create any mood – upbeat, fun, friendly, happy, and more.

Advertising with background music is instantly more memorable than advertising with just text and images on the screen or a voiceover – and our wide selection of royalty free music is sure to include the perfect tune for your commercial.

Choose the right instrumental music track to complement your message and make your advertisement stand out from the rest. The best part? Our free and royalty free music doesn’t have to cost you a cent, meaning you can enhance your advertisement’s production values quickly and easily at no cost to you, drawing more eyeballs to your ad and making it hard for viewers to forget your message! Jingles have gone the way of the dinosaurs; today, potential customers expect up-tempo background music that makes them have positive feelings about your brand and your product.

Browse our selection of no copyright music at PlayOnLoop today to find the perfect background music for your advertisement:

Royalty Free Jazz Music

Online Deal

Upbeat Jazz Trailer Music

A mid-tempo, lively, groove based funk-jazz piece suitable for quiz, game and TV shows.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Daily Special

Funny and Happy Music for Media

Bright, fun and charming, with a holiday, vacation feel for TV, commercial, advertising.

Big Band Music Royalty Free

Born Lucky

Upbeat Big Band Trailer Music

A cool, lively and easy going mix of jazz and funk. Positive and relaxing mood, no main melody line or solos, just plenty of funky riffs. Featuring a small brass section, hammond organ, funky guitar and drums played with brushes. Will work well in advertising, TV / radio commercials, gaming activity, casinos and much more.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Easy Peasy

Happy and Feel Good Music

A bright, uncomplicated and joyful indie pop track. Uptempo, feel good and sunny. It features acoustic guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel melody, smooth strings section, and drums coupled with hand clap for rythm section. This exciting background music is perfect for advertising, TV and radio commercials, travel, kids and family moments, cooking videos, and other YouTube media.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Hide and Seek

Emotional Happy Ukulele Music

Tender, emotional and easy going pop music loop. Features strummed ukulele, electric piano playing the melody, glockenspiel, piano, hand claps and soft female voice. Good for commercials and advertising, positive and uplifting Youtube videos and tutorials, television, travel, children, family and friendships related media.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Smart Ideas

Funny and Happy Corporate Music

Friendly and melodic theme with acoustic instruments for TV, commercials, advertising.

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