Our 2020’s Best Halloween Instrumental Music

Scary Halloween Instrumental Music to use for YouTube Videos, Animation, Games and more

Whenever the spookiest time of the year comes, literally everyone looks for some Halloween instrumental music for their project, and here we are!

Any Halloween project will be instantly 100% more effective when adding our spooky Halloween background music. We provide scary instrumental music, horror music tracks for videos and commercials, quirky and funny tunes for Halloween themed video games, cartoons and animation, and so on.

But what’s the secret sauce that can make a music track a Halloween song? Musically speaking, the perfect Halloween music should create tension, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat to hear what the next chord will be, and it should probably sound dissonant and unsettling. But that’s not the only quality the music should have, since the instrumentation and timbre are playing a big role in a music track that should sound frightening and suitable for an horror video. In order to create a spooky atmosphere, some instruments can’t definitely be left out: church organ, male and female choirs, harpsichord, theremin (oh, we love that!), glockenspiel and celesta, music box for macabre lullabies, xylophone (perfect percussive instrument that sounds like bones!), strings and brasses for a more epic touch, and why not, a variety of ambient and dark synth sounds.

Our dedicated Halloween instrumental music catalog provides everything you need for most situations: scary YouTube videos and trailers, spooky animation projects for kids, costume parties, role-playing games and stories involving haunted houses, graveyards and scary basements, horror movies and cartoons, mystery documentaries, trick or treat videos, pranks, dark comedy or any project with a ghostly, scary tone.

Let’s begin our Halloween celebration with a selection of our scary tracks:

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Many scary thanks to Wirakorn for the pumpkins and castle picture used on this post :-)