16 Bit Royalty-free Music

Background 16 Bit Music and Chiptunes for Retro Video Games of any genre

Discover our selection of royalty-free chiptune music to use as background for videos and games! Our royalty free 16-bit music comes in two styles: FM and sample-based. FM synthesis was widely used on SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis and other 80s arcade and computer systems, and provide unique sounding synth sounds and occasionally some lo-fi drums and percussion samples. Sample-based – or tracker music – was a more advanced music style used on Super Nintendo / SNES and other consoles and computer systems from the 90s. Both styles of retro music are ideal to be used in games such as platformers, shooters, arcade and casual games, beat ’em ups, sports or racing games. You can even use this instrumental music as background for other retro computer-related media, Youtube videos and intros, podcasts, devlogs and much more. Just like the other music, this 16-bit game music can be downloaded both as a free music loop or purchased as a standard loop and used under our royalty-free licenses.

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