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We strongly recommended that you read and understand all the information provided in this Help and Faqs page before buying our music loops. Just click on any of the questions shown below to have the specific answer. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, please feel free to send a message from the Contact page.

General and Site Usage

Wondering how things work at PlayOnLoop? Let us shed some light:

What are music loops and how do they work?

A music loop is a short piece of music, usually 10~40 seconds long, that can be played over and over again so it sounds like a never ending music track. Music loops are most commonly used for web sites, slideshows, videoclips, Flash presentations, videogames and more. PlayOnLoop provides high quality WAVE 44khz 16 bit files.

Why the music loop I downloaded doesn’t play seamlessly?

All PlayOnLoop loops have been cleverly produced to make them play completely seamlessly, without any little pause at the loop point. The problem may occurs if a bad playback method is used to playing the loop. Some programs such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime Player are well known to add a little pause when playing back loops while Winamp doesn’t. Another possible problem may occur when converting the loop to MP3 format. A seamless loop cannot be stored in MP3 file format, because of a limitation in the file format itself. For example, to use my loops in a Flash application just import the WAV file (without converting it to MP3 first) and then use Flash’s built-in compression settings (found under File > Publish Settings) to convert it to MP3 format.

Do you have some free examples to download and test?

PlayOnLoop is offering a free version of all the music loops and altough they have a reduced quality compared to standard loops, they’ll give you the chance to quickly test how a music loop does work. Please, remember all the free loops are under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and PlayOnLoop must be credited if you use one or more free loops! Credit needs to be placed such that a person who wants to know where the music came from should have no difficulty in finding it.

Why are you giving away short loops for free?

So many reasons. The cost for me to share those short music loops for free is low, and the benefits are high. First, you might want to try out how music loops work before buying sets. Also, there are plenty of individuals, creative professionals, non-profits, schools, small businesses who want to have music – but can’t afford to clear copyrights from the existing systems that are set up. The only thing I ask in return is a credit link to the website.

What does short / medium / long edit mean?

If you decide to buy a Premium set, you basicly will get three different lengths of the same loop: Short (0~15 seconds), Medium (20~30 seconds) and Long (40~50 seconds). For example you can use Short loops as ringtones or web page background, Medium loops for slideshows or as spot jingles and Long loops as background music for video or videogame. Please bear in mind that the length in seconds may vary depending on the beat of the music. Also, we ensured that the best interval of music is used for each edit. You can preview all the edits from our web audio player.

What is a Stinger?

A music Stinger is a short, not loopable musical phrase. It is primarily used as a form of punctuation, for example as introduction/transition/ending of a regular section of a show or videogame, but it can also be used for logos or splash screens. You can use it alone or connected to a music loop (eg. for creating an ending) when the specific loop edit allows it. Note: we introduced Stingers in 2014, for this reason the older music loops don’t have one and prices are lower. You can preview any Stinger from our web audio player.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using PayPal or Credit Card at the moment. PayPal is the easiest, fastest and safest way for paying online. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can still use your Credit Card to pay through PayPal website. As all the payments are processed by PayPal, you won’t have to store your Credit Card number on this website.

I don’t like the loop or I think it doesn’t work for me. Can I have my money back?

Refund or product exchanges for digital items that have already been downloaded from your account are not possible, mainly because it’s impossible to check whether or not the files have been used, will be used, or duplicated. What I can suggest before buying is 1) read carefully the FAQs about music usage and licensing, 2) preview the music loops you intend to buy using the website music player, 3) download and test the free Short edit of each music loop you wish to buy.

How do the reward points work?

All registered users are eligible to receive rewards points on their purchases, through special offers or specific actions. Points will be available for redemption in your account instantly and will not expire. Point calculations are based upon dollars spent at checkout on purchases. For every 100 points you earn, you will be eligible to get €0.1 off any purchase you make, whenever you want. Please note the maximum discount allowed equals to 80% of the single item value.
Example: if you are buying two items priced €4 and €6, the maximum product discount will be €0.8 off the first item and €1.2 off the second one. The final amount will be of €8 instead of €10. Exceeding points will be kept for the next purchase.

Is buying from PlayOnLoop safe?

Yes, it definitely is! PlayOnLoop stores some data through an encrypted connection (SSL) to manage your orders internally and all the payments are processed through the super-secure PayPal servers, so that no credit card details will be ever asked or held by PlayOnloop. About file delivery: all the music loop files you have purchased are virus scanned during upload then stored and served by Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which has a robust security policy of its own. So you can totally buy with confidence.

Licensing and Music Usage

All the questions about our music and licensing, do and dont’s, etc.:

What does Royalty-free music mean?

Royalty-free music means music that you can use as much as you want, in any kind of projects with no additional costs. When you purchase one or more music loops from PlayOnLoop you basicly obtain a single-user license to use the music paying a one-time fee only. Please note: free music loops are not licensed on a Royalty-free basis, they are released under a CC-BY 3.0 attribution license instead.

What are the differences between Regular and Extended music license?

PlayOnLoop offers two simple licensing options, depending on your needs and the kind of production you wish to use our music for: Regular and Extended. In both cases, you obtain a single-user license to use the music in perpetuity, paying a one-time fee only. See a detailed comparison on our License page.

Can I use music loops for anything I want?

Yes, music can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, depending on what kind of license you choose (see the previous question). Including synchronization, use on websites, internet videos, corporate presentation, educational, mobile games and apps, trade show/presentation, podcast, film festivals. Editing music loops to fit your application (fade, cut, stretch, etc.) is allowed. Important requirement: you may sell physical or downloadable products that contain one or more music loops but you must be sure to embed or encrypt it such that a person can’t take and use the music loop file you bought and which is licensed to you.

Can I use your loops on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh, etc?

Yes, you can! Embedding of video onto multiple websites is also allowed. P.S.: crediting PlayOnLoop in your video is appreciated.

Can I use your loops within my own music productions?

No, these loops are not meant for music producers to use within their own compositions. If you are a singer, musician, producer you cannot buy my loops and add your own voice/instruments, and then treat that as your own music – this would mean creating derived musical works and is not allowed.

What I cannot do with your music loops?

You may not sell PlayOnLoop music loops or license them through a web site, produce music albums, audio collections, Unity assets, website templates or other bundles containing PlayOnLoop music stand-alone. Any other means of trading in as a music product is prohibited. You are not allowed to create derived works, you are however allowed to use any loop as background music and add your voice over them in your production (ie. audio book) – you have not created derived musical works. You can’t use the music loops in any kind of service where you allow final users to use PlayOnLoop music loops in their custom videos, apps, slideshows and similar media created with your service. Don’t use the music in videos made to simply play PlayOnLoop music loops, not as part of a real video.

I need to prove to the powers-that-be that the music is clear. Where’s my license?

Please download and print out the PlayOnLoop Royalty-free license plus the sale receipt that can be found in your account (My Account > Orders) or that you have received at your e-mail address when you made the purchase of one or more music loops. This will ensure you all the rights needed to use the Royalty-free music loops you bought.

Will YouTube claim the right to advertise on my video?

First, don’t worry – your video won’t be taken down or blocked. Your channel won’t get any copyright strike. Our music is registered with AdRev to protect buyers from licensing fraud. If you purchased a music license from PlayOnLoop, we have a quick guide for you about how to clear YouTube Copyright claims.

I need a custom version of one of your loops, is this possible?

While I do offer custom-made audio service, I’m only available to work for videogame developers at this time. If you are one, please contact me from the Contact page of this site. Whenever I will extend my service to everyone, be sure I will make a pricelist available here straight away.

Can I get the exclusive use of your loops? How much does it cost?

Sorry, I don’t sell exlusive licenses of any music loop and consequently remove it from the website. In some situations you might consider my custom-made audio service, please read the previous question.

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