Ambience / Indoor Sounds

Ambience and indoor sound effects for videos, films, animation and video games

A collection of indoor sounds to use as ambience and background sounds for videos, movies, games and other media. The aim of these ambience indoor sounds is to recreate common or unusual audio environments, for example, you can find recordings capturing the inside of a cave, or a volcano, or sounds of vehicles from boats and trains, to a spaceship. Interior sounds of industrial locations are also available, factory, office rooms, elevators etc. We also produced something more elaborate such as ambient sounds from casino, restaurant, public and crowded places, scary Halloween sounds, and other looping indoor sounds that could be useful as replacement background sounds for films, slideshows, and video games. These sounds are also ideal as background ambient sounds for role-playing games and board games. They’re free to use under Creative Commons Attribution License.
Bonus: all the ambience sound effects collected here are 100% seamless loops, so you have no limits on the duration.

Background Casino Slot Machines Sound Effects Casino

Background Casino, Slot Machines Sound Effects

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Elevator Lift Indoor Sound Effects Elevator / Lift

Background Elevator, Lift Sound Effects

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Background Train Cabin Sound Effects Train Cabin

Background Train, Metro, Cabin Sound Effects

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Cellar Crypt Interior Background Sound Effects Cellar Crypt

Cellar, Crypt, Basement, Scary Ambience Sound with Bats, Creaks, Chain Sounds

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Background Cave Underground Sound Effects Cave Dripping

Background Cave with Water Drops Sound Effects

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Background Cave Underground Sound Effects Windy Cavern

Background Cavern with Wind Sound Effects

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Underwater Sound Effects Underwater

Deep Underwater Sounds, Oceanscape Ambience Sounds with Water Bubbles

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Volcano Ambience Sound Effects Volcano / Lava Cave

Sounds from Volcano Chamber with Lava, Rumbling Lava Cave Sound Effects

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Background Spaceship Interior Sound Effects Spaceship Interior

Spaceship Interior, Cockpit Background Sound, Spacecraft Sound Effects

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