Halloween / Scary Background Music

Halloween background music, mysterious and scary instrumental music for videos, commercials, and games

Discover our best selection of instrumental music tracks for Halloween. This music has been specifically made to be used as instrumental music for any kind of Halloween themed project such as YouTube videos, Halloween games and shows, theme parks, and so on. While listening to this scary background music, you can’t help but feel like a kid again: gather up with your friends or your children and family members and start entertaining parties, play scary table games or just make some spooky decorations for your home. This background music is also ideal for any Halloween video or trailer, as it does feature dark and gloomy atmospheres but will also work great in video games, animations and cartoons because of it’s featuring funny and nasty melodies played by peculiar instruments such as the theremin, harpsichord, church organ and so on. Like all our other scary instrumental music, you can download this scary music for free in their short version or you can purchase one of our two royalty-free licenses for the longer version.

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