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Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Dark Ceremony

Dark Halloween Music Theme

A dark, quirky and atmospheric Halloween music theme with hints of something ceremonial. Featuring a grand church organ, creepy cinematic choirs blended together with a modern electronic groove. A theremin plays the main melody. This royalty free Halloween music will be ideal as background for footage and video games about horror, fantasy, and gloomy stories.

Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Owl Woods

Mystery Orchestral Halloween Music

A dark, eerie, beautiful, atmospheric, sinister Halloween music loop with orchestral sounds such as pizzicato strings, celesta, harp, and reeds. Perfect royalty free music to use as a background for Halloween related media, YouTube videos, video games, kids show, trailers, during card games and anything with a mysterious feel or which involves magic and wizards.

Royalty Free Urban Hip Hop Music

Still Care

Background Lo-Fi Music Beat

Elegant, warm and mellow chill-out groove featuring electric piano / Rhodes lo-fi samples with vinyl noises, downtempo beat, and mellotron flute. A minimalistic arrangement with urban and jazz vibes. Atmospheric, reflective mood, ideal for vlogs, Youtube videos, visual media, lifestyle, travel and much more.

Ambient Relaxing Music Royalty Free

Carried Away

Modern Ambient Music for Video

A warm and smooth ambient piano music loop with an uplifting and blissful feel. Featuring a grand piano coupled with mellow synth pads an 808 drum machine and some light synth notes. Cinematic and soulful atmosphere, calm energy level, chilled and somewhat melancholic melody. Will work well as background music for films, TV, nature or urban sceneries, slow motion footages, relaxation and more.

Royalty Free Urban Hip Hop Music

Endless Journey

Emotional and Inspirational Music Beat

Deep and pulsing trap beat blends with ambient piano and lush synth pads creating a slow, relaxed and profound mood. It also feature some minimal, not too intense melody lines with retro synths. Great for use in cinematic trailers, panoramic and cityscape footages, urban youth, fashion, commercials, TV and many other medias.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Power Man

Epic Powerful Trailer Music

Hard hitting urban trap music with orchestral elements such as strings and horns. This background music has a tough and badass feel, punchy drum beat made with retro drum machine, rough guitar rythm and a deep, pulsating synth bass. Perfect contemporary music for urban scenes, dramas, action and cinematic trailers, sports video, high energy commercials and other TV and web media.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

Dark Crossing

Dark Ambient Cinematic Music

Eerie and dark ambient music loop sounding mysterious, cold and foreboding. Lots of synth textures, pulsating sound effects, reverberated piano notes and subtle electro grooves. This track will definitely work wonders as background music for video games, films, trailers, dark future and sci-fi scenes, cyberpunk settings and much more.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free


Relaxing Music for Videos

A nice, delicate and chill out music piece, with a very minimal arrangement. Featuring smooth nylon string guitar, electric piano, glockenspiel and jazz organ. Warm, positive and friendly background music, highly suitable for diy tutorials, cooking lessons, nature videos, family, kids, games and much more.

Ambient Relaxing Music Royalty Free

Water Drops

Beautiful Cinematic Piano Music

Reflective, gentle, slightly melancholic and dreamy. Starts with delicate piano notes and strings pizzicato and builds up to a full strings section melody. Emotional and inspiring atmosphere. Will be an ideal choice as background music for corporate videos, storytelling, real life stories, thoughtful communication and commercials.

Royalty Free Christmas Music

Winter Lights

Positive Dreamy Winter Music

Joyful, nice and uplifting Christmas flavored music loop for the holiday season. Featuring a variety of instruments such as grand piano, cello, glockenspiel, strings and of course sleigh bells. Warm, tasteful and subtle melodies makes this piece ideal as background music for any Christmas related project, media, videos and so on.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

The Awakening

Inspiration and Relax Acoustic Music

An heart warming background music loop with a positive appeal, peaceful mood and sense of family and friendship. Featuring acoustic guitar and piano chords, light groove and subtle strings and synth sounds. Sense of Great for use in commercials, films, trailers, TV and radio.

Asian World Music Royalty Free

Course of Nature

Asia Documentary Film Music

Warm and uplifting, calm and pleasant with a modern and cinematic touch. Featuring mostly asian instruments such as chinese fiddle, japanese percussion, ethnic woodwinds and stringed instruments. Will work well as background music for documentaries, oriental footages, TV and commercials, video games.

This collection of music loops has been tagged as Slow and it indicates that the general speed of this music goes from very slow to moderately paced. The musical tempo of these music loops is not exceeding 80 bpm (beats per minute).