A detailed explanation about what flexible music loops are about

You may have already realized PlayOnLoop is focused on the production of looping music. Commonly called music loops, these short pieces of music can be played endlessly, resulting in a never-ending music track. But what does flexible music loops mean? It means that each music piece in PlayOnLoop comes as a single music loop, or as a bundle of different edits of the same music loop.

Let’s go back to 2010 for a minute, PlayOnLoop was launched with a relatively small music catalog featuring approximately 100 music loops. Unlikely many other stock music sites back in the days, all the music loops published on PlayOnLoop were (and still are) produced in three different lengths: the Short edit (up to 15″), the Medium edit (up to 30″) and the Long edit (up to 45″) which were made available to be purchased individually. Each edit is just a cut version from the Long edit, although in some cases there’s also a slight arrangement variation.

In 2014 PlayOnLoop introduced a new edit called Stinger *. The music Stinger is an even shorter (approx. 5″) and non-looping piece of music used as a form of punctuation. It can be used stand-alone or together with the other edits from the same music loop or from a completely different one – you decide. Today it’s possible to choose between the Long edit, called Standard Loop or the complete bundle of edits, called Premium Set.

There is a reason behind the decision of making multiple edits of all the music loops. The idea is to give more choice to all the creative professionals looking to add background music in different kinds of internet media, ranging from websites, flash animations, ringtones, to presentations, short video clips, movie trailers, browser and mobile video games. All those media have in common the need of fancy, high impact, and flexible music, small data to transfer, removal of unwanted intro/ending, which gives about one minute worth of music.

* Due to the music Stinger being introduced only in 2014, you won’t find this particular edit in older Premium Sets. Unfortunately, creating music Stingers for older Premium Sets isn’t possible anymore, because of radical changes in the production process and the actual equipment used to made older loops. For this reason, the price of older Premium Sets has been lowered.

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