YouTube Copyright Claims

What is Content ID and why did I receive a Copyright claim?

All the music at PlayOnLoop has been registered with HAAWK / Identifyy, a service that uses the Content ID system to protect content owners and buyers from music licensing fraud. So, when the music you are using in your video is matched to Content ID registered music, you can see a copyright claim message (for example: “Copyright claim” or “Matched third party content”) from YouTube. Such notice can be easily cleared by anyone who has purchased a valid music license at PlayOnLoop and won’t have anything to worry about.

How to clear YouTube copyright claims

We know that nobody likes getting copyright claims, especially when Royalty Free music is involved. The reason for having our music registered with HAAWK / Identifyy, is the necessity to protect both the author and the buyer from fraud. HAAWK / Identifyy helps the author to have a track record of music usage and to receive additional revenues from any unlicensed use of music. The buyer has an important benefit when buying registered music: some people have a bad habit to register music that isn’t theirs under their own name to make easy money. Since they are not authors of such music, they won’t provide any help or support to anyone who legitimately purchased a license and need to deal with copyright claims.
To put it short: if we left our music unregistered, somebody could have registered it and we could not help you in any way.

No panic, your YouTube channel is not affected in any way

If you received a copyright claim or notice (which is not to be confused with a copyright strike), your video won’t be blocked or taken down. You might see advertisement / banners temporarily appearing on it. Also, you won’t be able to monetize on that video until the claim is cleared.

How to quickly remove a Copyright claim

To remove a claim, you simply need to let YouTube know that you have licensed the music. Choose to “Dispute” the claim by clicking the “See details” button in your Video Manager and selecting “SELECT ACTION” on the main dialog window.

Dispute copyright claims on YouTube

After selecting “Dispute” from the available actions, select all the options you see in the pictures below:

Dispute Content ID claims
Get a license to use against copyright claims
License agreement for copyright claims

In the “License information” field, you simply write that you purchased a license to use the music and copy / paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate. To find it, be sure to be logged in and go to your Orders page, choose the Order where the Music Loop you want to authorize is listed in and then click on the VIEW button. As soon as you view the Order, scroll down to the License Certificate paragraph and you will see the content you need to copy / paste inside a gray box.

Dispute copyright claims using license certificate

PRO Tip: since HAAWK / Identifyy may take some time to get your video released (not less than 24 hours), it can happen that your subscribers can watch the video before you are actually able to receive advertising revenues from it. To avoid this, just upload your video but keep it “Unpublished” so that you can clear the claims. After that, you can change the status to “Published”.

Other ways to remove Claims: ask HAAWK / Identifyy to remove the Copyright Claim

Another quick and easy way to clear a claim by HAAWK / Identifyy is to just visit their website and go to their Contact page. You will just have to fill up a quick contact form with your contact details, your YouTube video URL address, and simply ask to have a claim released and that you have obtained a license to use the music by PlayOnLoop and copy / paste our License Certificate (see the picture above) inside the Message field.