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Thanks for wanting to support PlayOnLoop! How much is this site and the hundreds of free downloadable loops worth to you? I do not have required subscriptions – everything is free for you. But this site does cost money to host (also it does cost for me to live) since only the free loops are downloaded 10.000+ times each month. Please help out and support!


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Help me to get further audio or music work. If you’re hanging out with artists or game people, mention that you know this cool composer named Filippo Vicarelli. He’s super easy to work with and produce tons of perfect game music everyday. Or even better, refer a game developer or producer to me. And if you are a developer yourself: hire me!


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You know already that I love to share my music loops for free through PlayOnLoop, even for commercial use. It takes quite a lot of money for me to manage such website, producing new music regularly, paying hosting bills, and live and eat… please help out!

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