Symphonic Royalty-free Music

Symphonic background music, fantasy and cinematic music for films, trailers, video games

Discover our best selection of symphonic background music. This large assortment of instrumental music groups together many original compositions that share a sense of going on a grand adventure, making them perfect to be used as background music for YouTube videos, short films, cinematic trailers, and any kind of video game which requires a grand and powerful sound. Find and download a large variety of symphonic tracks in different styles, from Hollywood style music to ambient chamber music or dark piano-only music. About the arrangement, you can find music pieces mainly featuring an orchestra, including: strings, brass sections, woodwinds, choirs, harp, horns and of course a variety of percussion instruments such as timpani, gong, cymbals, big toms, and taiko drums. Like the rest of our music, you can download this symphonic background music for free in their short version or you can purchase one of our two royalty-free licenses for the longer version.

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