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16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Foggy Forest

Mysterious Music for Retro Games

Mysterious and eerie video game music with plenty of woodwinds, percussive instruments and drums, choirs and so on. This ambient music piece was made with lo-fi samples, in order to match a 16-bit retro style sound. If you’re working on a SNES like RPG or adventure game with a mysterious feel to it, this royalty free music track will be perfectly suitable for your game.

Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Owl Woods

Mystery Orchestral Halloween Music

A dark, eerie, beautiful, atmospheric, sinister Halloween music loop with orchestral sounds such as pizzicato strings, celesta, harp, and reeds. Perfect royalty free music to use as a background for Halloween related media, YouTube videos, video games, kids show, trailers, during card games and anything with a mysterious feel or which involves magic and wizards.

Royalty Free Urban Hip Hop Music

Still Care

Background Lo-Fi Music Beat

Elegant, warm and mellow chill-out groove featuring electric piano / Rhodes lo-fi samples with vinyl noises, downtempo beat, and mellotron flute. A minimalistic arrangement with urban and jazz vibes. Atmospheric, reflective mood, ideal for vlogs, Youtube videos, visual media, lifestyle, travel and much more.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Good Morning

Groovy YouTube Background Music

A relaxed, simple and easy going music loop with electric piano, glockenspiel, groovy bassline and downtempo electronic beats. Not too intense and with few simple melodies and riffs, will sit nicely on any background. Perfect music for background use on YouTube, lifestyle videos, vlogs, lounge and chill-out, advertising.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Spring Shower

Inspirational Acoustic Guitar Music

An inspiring, warm and cinematic pop music piece with a variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Featuring arpeggiated guitars, mellow piano accompaniment, glockenspiel melody, organic drums and echoing electric guitars in the background creating a thoughtful and engaging sound. This inspiring music loop will work great as a soundtrack for commercials, TV, films, trailers and so on.

Ambient Relaxing Music Royalty Free

Carried Away

Modern Ambient Music for Video

A warm and smooth ambient piano music loop with an uplifting and blissful feel. Featuring a grand piano coupled with mellow synth pads an 808 drum machine and some light synth notes. Cinematic and soulful atmosphere, calm energy level, chilled and somewhat melancholic melody. Will work well as background music for films, TV, nature or urban sceneries, slow motion footages, relaxation and more.

Royalty Free Ambient Soothing Music


Emotional and Ispirational Music

A thoughtful and emotive piano music loop with a repetitive phrase accompanied by lush and reverberated synth pad sounds. After the first section it evolves in a richer arrangement with warm stacked sounds and an hand percussion groove. Inspiring and soothing, it's ideal as background ambient music for inspirational videos, trailers, commercials, slideshows, emotional scenes and nature or city footages.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Hide and Seek

Emotional Happy Ukulele Music

Tender, emotional and easy going pop music loop. Features strummed ukulele, electric piano playing the melody, glockenspiel, piano, hand claps and soft female voice. Good for commercials and advertising, positive and uplifting Youtube videos and tutorials, television, travel, children, family and friendships related media.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Ocean Floor

Calm Ambient Game Music

A sweet and warm video game tune which evokes the blue and deep waters of the ocean. Woodwind like sounds and tropical percussive samples take the melody and are accompanied by harp arpeggios. A groovy background beat gives the whole song a nice and upbeat rythm. Perfect as background music loop for any video game, from platformers to RPGs and adventure games set in a fantasy water world.

Royalty Free Urban Hip Hop Music

Endless Journey

Emotional and Inspirational Music Beat

Deep and pulsing trap beat blends with ambient piano and lush synth pads creating a slow, relaxed and profound mood. It also feature some minimal, not too intense melody lines with retro synths. Great for use in cinematic trailers, panoramic and cityscape footages, urban youth, fashion, commercials, TV and many other medias.

Royalty Free Christmas Music

Christmas in Town

Christmas Atmosphere Sounds

An original ambience recording describing a typical holiday morning or evening in a winter village. You can hear groups of children singing Christmas carols in the streets while stepping on the snow and Santa Claus himself wishing a Merry Christmas while riding a sleigh with his reindeers. Perfect as background loop to use for films, audio stories, podcast and more.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Frozen Village

Dreamy Winter Retro Game Music

Dreamy, peaceful and heartwarming game chiptune depicting a tiny village lost in a colorful winterland. Slow paced, with woodwind instruments and choir-like sounds, bells and some light percussion. Perfect for christmas games, fantasy platformers, RPGs, adventures and any other retro games which need magical and wintery music.

Background soft music, soothing and relaxing music for videos and meditation

If you need to give a relaxed feel for your productions, you can use our royalty free soft music. This collection of peaceful and relaxing compositions features many styles of music, from light electronic soundscapes and ambient music to meditation background music, all of them sharing the same calm and soothing arrangement which can feature instruments such as piano, acoustic guitar, lush and warm synth pads, orchestral instruments and other textures. All the tracks in this collection will work wonder as background instrumental music for YouTube videos, yoga lessons, meditation, slideshows, and so on. As usual, we offer a free downloadable version of each music loop for free, or two other licensing options which will allow you to use the full version of the same music loop with a professional royalty free music license.