Science Fiction Royalty-free Music

Background hi-tech music, futuristic and technology music for videos and commercials

Discover and listen to our selection of royalty-free sci-fi music. This collection of instrumental music shares a sense of future and science, it can be suitable as background music for space exploration or discovering distant worlds, and it combines different styles of ambient and electronic music, with simple or complex arrangements. You might be looking for the perfect space music to use as background for films and trailers, or maybe a futuristic music track for cyberpunk video games. Then this category is perfect for you, you can find the ideal music for projects such as YouTube trailers, short films, space novels, cinematic videos, advertising and sci-fi video games. As usual with our music, you can download this sci-fi music either as free music loop or use it as standard length music loop by purchasing one of our royalty-free licenses.

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