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Royalty Free Urban Hip Hop Music

Endless Journey

Emotional and Inspirational Music Beat

Deep and pulsing trap beat blends with ambient piano and lush synth pads creating a slow, relaxed and profound mood. It also feature ...

Royalty Free Ambience Nature Sounds

Thunder and Lightning

Distant Thunder Ambience Sounds

Just thunder and ligthning sounds, distant rumbling and with very light wind added and no rain sound. Very quiet, natural and relaxing result. ...

Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Foggy Woods

Dark Atmosphere Halloween Music

Dark and mysterious background music loop with a ominous feel. A sense of exploration of deep woods or dangerous and mystical places. Plucked ...

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Moonshine Piano

Nostalgic Piano Pop Music

A mellow, sorrowful, moderately melodic and tasteful pop ballad with piano mainly.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Sad Story

Sad RPG Game Music

A slow, reflective and melancholic piece for RPG games intro or nostalgic situations.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free


Mellow Guitar Travel Music

Smooth and mellow, slow and emotional pop music track for films, trailers and comedy.

Relaxing Nature Sounds with Music

Sea of Memories

Meditative Piano Ocean Sounds

Melancholic and reflective piano piece with ocean ambient sound in the background.

FM Chiptune Music for Games

Deep Emerald

Ambient Retro Game Music

Fairly mellow and highly melodic theme for oceanic, deep sea exploration games.

Royalty Free Electronic Music


Retro Ambient Electronic Music

Ambient, mid-tempo, motivated electronica tune analog synth sounds and arpeggios.

8 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Last Samurai

Japanese 8 Bit Chip Music

Melodic chiptune music with oriental theme, good for ninja or samurai adventure games.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Missing Data

Background Electronic Music

Melodic synth track with pulsating synthesizer, modern groove, slightly dark feeling.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

War Victims

Inspirational Sadness War Music

Quiet, serious and marching track with rolling snares and minor brass parts.