Inspirational Royalty-free Music

Inspirational background music, atmospheric and cinematic music for storytelling videos, films and YouTube

Find and download our inspirational background music to add a deep, thoughtful and atmospheric feel to your projects or YouTube videos. This collection of calm, soft and atmosphere music tracks offers various different music genres, from simple cinematic piano tracks to rich and beautiful synth soundscapes, often blending together various ethnic flavors in them. These compositions have been arranged to be calm and deep sounding, yet they can be very inspiring and interesting to listen to, thanks to good use of electronic textures and synth pads, reverberating acoustic and world instruments such as piano, guitar, sitar, orchestral instruments, woodwinds, and light drums and percussion. This instrumental music collection is highly suitable for YouTube, time-lapse videos, movies, meditation, nature footages, slideshows, and much more. As usual, you can download this ambient music for free or buy a royalty-free license and get the premium version.

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