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Royalty Free Rock Music

Guilty One

Rock EDM Instrumental Music

Badass and powerful rock EDM groove track with lots of energetic attitude. Featuring nasty synths, chopped vocals, power chord guitars, distorted bass, trap beat and more. This rough, tough, hard-edged electro rock track it’s versatile groove would work well in teasers, presentations, product launches, or in extreme sports videos, dance club and fashion videos, racing footage. It will also work as instrumental background music for films, video games, and trailers.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Net Bots

Upbeat EDM Music for Games

Driving and catchy electro EDM music track with some funky melodic lines, energetic and thumping drums beat, powerful bassline and a variety of synthesizer instruments and sound effects. This royalty free background music will be ideal in video games and animations involving space robots and machines, hi-tech machines, electronics, fast paced action scenes and much more.

Royalty Free Ambience Nature Sounds

Spaceship Ambience

Spaceship Interior Ambience Sound

Sci-fi ambience recording sound which simulates the interior of a spaceship with occasional electronic radio noises, communication sounds, data computer bleeps, air vents and other futuristic noises. This royalty free background looping sound is perfect for space movies and films, sci-fi video games, animations, trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Ambience Nature Sounds

Outer Space

Sci-fi Space Ambience Sound

This looping sound effect simulates the depth of space ambience. Given the absence of sound in space, we produced a dark and wide windy hum sound with some occasional ambient textures and some reverberated eerie / alien noises. This royalty free background sound can be used for space movies, NASA documentaries, sci-fi video games, animations, space station footages and much more.

FM Chiptune Music for Games

Galactic Trek

Action Music for Retro Games

Driving and catchy retro game music with great energy and forward momentum, made with 16 Bit / FM synth sounds. This chiptune features a fast-paced groove combined with melodic electro funky leads. Ideal royalty free music to be used as background for futuristic games, racing games, shooters, fast platformers and any in-game scene that needs excitement and fast action.

FM Chiptune Music for Games

Lone Wolf

Cool Chiptune for Retro Games

Cold, groovy and atmospheric retro game chiptune made with 16 bit / FM style sounds. Featuring punchy drums, synth pads, cool bass lines and a variety of jazzy leads and riffs. Will be ideal as background music for any retro game with a futuristic / cyberpunk / sci-fi edge or crime and spy games, stealth games, and so on.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Galaxy Nauts

Space Electronic Music for Games

A downtempo, atmospheric electronic piece with smooth ambient sounds, steady groove and cute synth melodies. This background music loop gives a sense of night skies, far away galaxies, floating in space and so on. Suggestive and ideal for astronomy, technology, fantasy, future, sci-fi, animation, video games and other media.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

It’s a Blast

Modern Electronic Trailer Music

A grooving, bold electronic music loop with lots of pulsating synth sounds playing over a steady drum beat and pumping bass line. Modern sounding but with some slightly 80s vibes. Will be suitable as background music for many kind of productions such as demo and show reels, presentations, advertising, creative and smart ideas, sports and much more.

SID Chiptune Music for Games

Combat Plan

Action Retro Game Chiptune

An aggressive and determined retro game music track featuring tons of pulsating synth chords and fast cycling notes, 100% SID style. Fast and energy driven beat with a variety of intense melodic lines. Will work great as background music for action games, sport and racing games, shooters as well as general mayhem and destruction.

8 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Moon Castle

Action 8 Bit Retro Game Music

A fast, fun and action-filled video game 8bit music featuring cool drum and bass style grooves, quirky sound effects, fast bass and a variety of melody licks. This upbeat and dreamy chiptune will suit retro styled games such as platformers, shooters, adventures, children games, space or wintery sceneries and much more.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

Dark Crossing

Dark Ambient Cinematic Music

Eerie and dark ambient music loop sounding mysterious, cold and foreboding. Lots of synth textures, pulsating sound effects, reverberated piano notes and subtle electro grooves. This track will definitely work wonders as background music for video games, films, trailers, dark future and sci-fi scenes, cyberpunk settings and much more.

Royalty Free Dance EDM Music

Bits and Beats

French House Music

A unique blend of french house, EDM and funk featuring an old school bass line, funky guitars and lots of groovy and pulsating synth bits and samples. Perfect for use as background music for fashion, youth culture, modern clubbing scenes, technology, urban nightlife and commercials.

Background hi-tech music, futuristic and technology music for videos and commercials

Discover and listen to our selection of royalty free hi-tech music. This collection of instrumental music emphasizes a sense of science and technology, future and space, innovation and discovery, and combines different styles of ambient and electronic music, with simple or complex arrangements. You might be looking for the perfect space music to use as background for a film, or maybe a technology and futuristic music track for trailer type videos and commercials. Then this category is perfect for you, you can find the ideal music for projects such as YouTube trailers, short films, space novels, cinematic videos, advertising and sci-fi video games. Like all our music, you can download this hi-tech music either as free music loop or use it as standard length music loop by purchasing one of our royalty free licenses.