Evolving Royalty-free Music

Background evolving music, music that always changes and evolves for videos and trailers

Discover in this category our collection of royalty-free dynamic and evolving music. This instrumental music puts together a wide variety of music genres, all of them sharing a sense of progression and change, for example, soft and calm music which slowly builds towards an epic and energetic passage, or maybe a sad introduction which gradually evolves into a happy and triumphant ending. So, if you’re looking for some instrumental music for video trailers or products unveiling, or maybe a background track for a short film or video game intro, you will find the ideal royalty-free music here. Download dozens of evolving music loops for any kind of project, including YouTube trailers, cinematic videos, product teasers, advertising and video games that require dynamic and interesting music. Like the rest of our music, this ever-changing music can be downloaded both as a free music loop or purchased as a standard loop and used under our royalty-free licenses.

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