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Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music


Background Music for Cinematic Trailers

A visionary, inspiring and evolving background music track ideal for cinematic trailers, movies, films, etc. Starting with an electronic beat with some synth sounds and orchestral strings in the background, it evolves to reach a more powerful and intense arrangement with a synth arpeggio, strummed acoustic guitar and orchestral horns. This royalty-free cinematic music will also work for corporate media, commercials, advertising, and YouTube videos.

8 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Star Way

Upbeat 8-bit Game Music

A super fun, happy and action-filled video game chiptune with classic NES style sounds, featuring many pulsating grooves, catchy melodic lines and a variety of rhythmic and percussive sounds. This upbeat and funny 8-bit music will be perfect for use in retro video games such as platformers, adventures, puzzle and casual games, dreamy and colorful sceneries and so on.

Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Dark Ceremony

Dark Halloween Music Theme

A dark, quirky and atmospheric Halloween music theme with hints of something ceremonial. Featuring a grand church organ, creepy cinematic choirs blended together with a modern electronic groove. A theremin plays the main melody. This royalty free Halloween music will be ideal as background for footage and video games about horror, fantasy, and gloomy stories.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Chamber of Secrets

Scary Mysterious Retro Game Music

Eerie, sinister and ambient video game music with cheesy orchestral samples such as pizzicato strings, church organ, choirs, and celesta. This piece is slowly building and alternates quiet parts to more orchestrated and melodic sections. If you’re working on a 16-bit video game with a scary and mysterious mood or making a Halloween themed retro game, this royalty-free music loop will work wonders in the background.

FM Chiptune Music for Games

Lone Wolf

Cool Chiptune for Retro Games

Cold, groovy and atmospheric retro game chiptune made with 16 bit / FM style sounds. Featuring punchy drums, synth pads, cool bass lines and a variety of jazzy leads and riffs. Will be ideal as background music for any retro game with a futuristic / cyberpunk / sci-fi edge or crime and spy games, stealth games, and so on.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

World Cup

Football Music with Ole Chants

Powerful and very energetic music loop featuring big stadium drums and strong toms along with large crowd Ole Ole chants, claps, shouts, football whistle sound and brazilian / latin style groove. This background music is ideal for sports events, football soccer game, world cup videos, FIFA commercials, sports and fighting videos and much more.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

No Way Out

Ambient Cinematic Thriller Music

Cinematic and intense piece of music featuring an obscure combination of hypnotic synth patterns and suspenseful string section, heavy cinematic percussion and toms. Slowly starting with a dense atmosphere, building a danger and mysterious feel arrives to sinister and suspenseful piano notes. Ideal background music for films, TV and video games, for political drama or thriller, crime or mistery, video games, fight, chase, conflict scenes.

Royalty Free Corporate Music

Reach the Sky

Inspiring Emotional Guitar Music

Inspiring, modern and emotional corporate music featuring echoing guitars, upbeat drum groove with hand claps, and lush synth pads to create a large and dreamy sound. This music loop is ideal as background music for advertising, commercials, promotional and YouTube videos, corporate presentations and so on.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Galaxy Nauts

Space Electronic Music for Games

A downtempo, atmospheric electronic piece with smooth ambient sounds, steady groove and cute synth melodies. This background music loop gives a sense of night skies, far away galaxies, floating in space and so on. Suggestive and ideal for astronomy, technology, fantasy, future, sci-fi, animation, video games and other media.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Spring Shower

Inspirational Acoustic Guitar Music

An inspiring, warm and cinematic pop music piece with a variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Featuring arpeggiated guitars, mellow piano accompaniment, glockenspiel melody, organic drums and echoing electric guitars in the background creating a thoughtful and engaging sound. This inspiring music loop will work great as a soundtrack for commercials, TV, films, trailers and so on.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Follow Me

Cute Happy Music for Retro Games

Happy, joyful and bouncy video game chiptune featuring childish sounding instruments such as xylophone and pizzicato strings chasing each other in hilarious way. Innocent mood with a hint of comedy and mystery to it. This background music loop will be ideal for use in kids video games, cartoons, comedy scenes, funny apps, retro games and so on.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

It’s a Blast

Modern Electronic Trailer Music

A grooving, bold electronic music loop with lots of pulsating synth sounds playing over a steady drum beat and pumping bass line. Modern sounding but with some slightly 80s vibes. Will be suitable as background music for many kind of productions such as demo and show reels, presentations, advertising, creative and smart ideas, sports and much more.

Background evolving music, music that always change and evolve for videos and trailers

Discover in this category our collection of royalty free dynamic and evolving music. This instrumental music puts together a wide variety of music genres, all of them sharing a sense of progression and change, for example, soft and calm music which slowly builds towards an epic and energetic passage, or maybe a sad introduction which gradually evolves into a happy and triumphant ending. So, if you’re looking for some instrumental music for video trailers or products unveiling, or maybe a background track for a short film or video game intro, you will find the ideal royalty free music here. Download dozens of evolving music loops for any kind of projects, including YouTube trailers, cinematic videos, product teasers, advertising and video games that require dynamic and interesting music. Like the rest of our music, this ever-changing music can be downloaded both as a free music loop or purchased as a standard loop and used under our royalty free licenses.