Ethnic Royalty-free Music

Background ethnic music, travel and world music for videos, documentaries and advertising

Discover and listen to our selection of royalty-free ethnic music. This archive is a unique collection of instrumental music that blends together all the flavors and influences from world music. In other words, this background music is produced with at least one, but usually more, traditional instruments from the different countries, such as bouzouki, kalimba, sitar, erhu or chinese fiddle, didgeridoo, flamenco guitar, koto, etc. depending on the main ethnic style that one specific music loop is based on. The main influences for writing these compositions come from indian and oriental music, european and western music, celtic and latin music but also tropical, african and aboriginal music. These compositions can definitely be used as instrumental world music for YouTube videos, films, cartoons and animations, trailers, and video games. Like all our other instrumental music, you can download this ethnic music for free in their short version or you can purchase one of our two royalty-free licenses for the longer version.

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