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Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Dark Ceremony

Dark Halloween Music Theme

A dark, quirky and atmospheric Halloween music theme with hints of something ceremonial. Featuring a grand church organ, creepy cinematic choirs blended together with a modern electronic groove. A theremin plays the main melody. This royalty free Halloween music will be ideal as background for footage and video games about horror, fantasy, and gloomy stories.

Royalty Free Rock Metal Music

Mission Cobra

Industrial Rock Music for Games

Brutal and powerful industrial rock music with bold and heavy guitar riffs, slamming drums, pulsating synthesizers and an overall big and aggressive sound. Ideal as royalty free music to use as background music for fire and destruction video games such as FPS, shooters and fighting games, extreme sports footages, high impact trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

No Way Out

Ambient Cinematic Thriller Music

Cinematic and intense piece of music featuring an obscure combination of hypnotic synth patterns and suspenseful string section, heavy cinematic percussion and toms. Slowly starting with a dense atmosphere, building a danger and mysterious feel arrives to sinister and suspenseful piano notes. Ideal background music for films, TV and video games, for political drama or thriller, crime or mistery, video games, fight, chase, conflict scenes.

SID Chiptune Music for Games

Combat Plan

Action Retro Game Chiptune

An aggressive and determined retro game music track featuring tons of pulsating synth chords and fast cycling notes, 100% SID style. Fast and energy driven beat with a variety of intense melodic lines. Will work great as background music for action games, sport and racing games, shooters as well as general mayhem and destruction.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

Code Tetsuo

Dark Cinematic Thriller Music

A dark, threatening, suspense filled theme for sci-fi, mystery and horror. This background music blends a modern and powerful electronic beat, orchestral arrangement and ominous melodies, creating the perfect atmosphere for a dramatic and great impact scene. Perfect music for films, TV, animations, video games, epic trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Hallowen Music

Undead Kingdom

Scary Church Organ Music

Dark, sinister and hellish background music featuring church organ and harpsichord as main instruments, chasing each other. A perfect background music loop for halloween stories, games, trailers, animations and anything about scary monsters, zombies and evil stories.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Power Man

Epic Powerful Trailer Music

Hard hitting urban trap music with orchestral elements such as strings and horns. This background music has a tough and badass feel, punchy drum beat made with retro drum machine, rough guitar rythm and a deep, pulsating synth bass. Perfect contemporary music for urban scenes, dramas, action and cinematic trailers, sports video, high energy commercials and other TV and web media.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Power Battle

Retro Action Game Music

Determined, fiery, intense and powerful rock theme with a sense of conflict and chase. Raw guitar samples, thumpinng beats, pulsating synths and a variety of melodies. Perfect background music for retro game battle scenes, fighting and arcade video games, action filled trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

Dark Crossing

Dark Ambient Cinematic Music

Eerie and dark ambient music loop sounding mysterious, cold and foreboding. Lots of synth textures, pulsating sound effects, reverberated piano notes and subtle electro grooves. This track will definitely work wonders as background music for video games, films, trailers, dark future and sci-fi scenes, cyberpunk settings and much more.

Ambient Relaxing Music Royalty Free

Water Drops

Beautiful Cinematic Piano Music

Reflective, gentle, slightly melancholic and dreamy. Starts with delicate piano notes and strings pizzicato and builds up to a full strings section melody. Emotional and inspiring atmosphere. Will be an ideal choice as background music for corporate videos, storytelling, real life stories, thoughtful communication and commercials.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Perfect Engineering

Epic Inspiring Cinematic Music

Emotional, epic, dramatic orchestral music with a slowly developing theme. Featuring symphonic strings, brass melody, grand piano and big toms. Ideal background music in openers, teasers, reality TV, hollywood style productions, car commercials and much more.

Royalty Free Electronic EDM Music

Shape Shift

Electronic Trance Music

Edgy, eerie, industrial, psytrance music loop infused with dark and digital synth sounds, atmospheric textures, distorted sound effects, a bold kick drum and deep bass beat. This background trance music will perfectly suit films, trailers, thriller, sports, and other kind of action driven applications and video games.

Background dramatic music, dark and cinematic music for films, trailers, video games

Discover our category of royalty free dramatic and cinematic music. The assortment of instrumental music you can find here can ideally work for a lot of media, for example as background music for YouTube videos, short films, horror stories, and movies, cinematic trailers, and any kind of video game that requires high impact and tense music. There are no specific music genres in this category, you can find a lot of music tracks in a wide range of styles: from bold and heavy rock tracks to electronic and modern pop grooves. From Hollywood style orchestral music to ambient soundscapes and dark piano music. As for the rest of our music, you can download this dramatic music for free in their short version or you can purchase one of our two royalty free licenses for the longer version.