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Royalty Free Rock Music

Guilty One

Rock EDM Instrumental Music

Badass and powerful rock EDM groove track with lots of energetic attitude. Featuring nasty synths, chopped vocals, power chord guitars, distorted bass, trap beat and more. This rough, tough, hard-edged electro rock track it’s versatile groove would work well in teasers, presentations, product launches, or in extreme sports videos, dance club and fashion videos, racing footage. It will also work as instrumental background music for films, video games, and trailers.

Royalty Free Rock Music

Bold Statement

Energetic Sports Trailer Rock Music

Catchy and energetic indie rock music theme with attitude. Groovy guitar riffs with occasional wah-wah guitar licks on top of a bold and deep bass groove, also featuring and trap style electronic drum machine. Ideal royalty free music to use as background for action fueled YouTube trailers, extreme sports and racing footages, commercials and aggressive advertising, video game trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Rock Metal Music

Mission Cobra

Industrial Rock Music for Games

Brutal and powerful industrial rock music with bold and heavy guitar riffs, slamming drums, pulsating synthesizers and an overall big and aggressive sound. Ideal as royalty free music to use as background music for fire and destruction video games such as FPS, shooters and fighting games, extreme sports footages, high impact trailers and much more.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

World Cup

Football Music with Ole Chants

Powerful and very energetic music loop featuring big stadium drums and strong toms along with large crowd Ole Ole chants, claps, shouts, football whistle sound and brazilian / latin style groove. This background music is ideal for sports events, football soccer game, world cup videos, FIFA commercials, sports and fighting videos and much more.

Royalty Free Rock Music

Raw Power

Extreme Sport Rock Music

High enery, simple and powerful guitar riffing, intense power. This rock music loop has a very strong, confident and motivating mood. Featuring heavy guitars, distorted bass, big drums and some synth sounds in the background. Ideal background music for power sports, extreme sports, cars and motocross, action type projects, trailers, advertising and any other media requiring extra power.

Royalty Free Rock Music

YT Nation

Young and Catchy Rock Anthem

A catchy and energetic indie rock music with heavy tom tom groove and biting electric guitar riffs. Male vocals singing the melody and screaming Hey during the whole track. Very driving and youthful feel. Perfect background music for aggressive communication, high impact commercials, YouTube videos, action and sports such as BMX or skating and much more.

Royalty Free Sci-fi Cinematic Music

Code Tetsuo

Dark Cinematic Thriller Music

A dark, threatening, suspense filled theme for sci-fi, mystery and horror. This background music blends a modern and powerful electronic beat, orchestral arrangement and ominous melodies, creating the perfect atmosphere for a dramatic and great impact scene. Perfect music for films, TV, animations, video games, epic trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Rock Music

We Rock

Epic and Energetic Rock Music

Intense and high impact background rock music loop with a lot of attitude. Featugin heavy guitar riffs with a stomp stomp clap kind of rhythm done with an electronic drum machine and a variety of modern and gritty synth sounds. Good for action trailers, extreme sports, racing / motor racing, action cuts, dramatic video game scenes and much more.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Power Man

Epic Powerful Trailer Music

Hard hitting urban trap music with orchestral elements such as strings and horns. This background music has a tough and badass feel, punchy drum beat made with retro drum machine, rough guitar rythm and a deep, pulsating synth bass. Perfect contemporary music for urban scenes, dramas, action and cinematic trailers, sports video, high energy commercials and other TV and web media.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Knock Out

Retro Fighting Game Music

Exciting, riffing and high energy video game retro music with lots of variation throughout the whole music loop. Featuring rock guitar samples, brass section and synth melody, fast drum groove, electric organ and other instruments. Ideal background music for retro arcades, action games, fighting games, battle or chasing scenes and so on.

16 Bit Chiptune Music for Games

Power Battle

Retro Action Game Music

Determined, fiery, intense and powerful rock theme with a sense of conflict and chase. Raw guitar samples, thumpinng beats, pulsating synths and a variety of melodies. Perfect background music for retro game battle scenes, fighting and arcade video games, action filled trailers and much more.

Royalty Free Dance EDM Music

Bits and Beats

French House Music

A unique blend of french house, EDM and funk featuring an old school bass line, funky guitars and lots of groovy and pulsating synth bits and samples. Perfect for use as background music for fashion, youth culture, modern clubbing scenes, technology, urban nightlife and commercials.

Background aggressive music, biting and energetic music for trailers and video games

Within this category, you can listen to our collection of royalty free bold and aggressive music. This selection of instrumental music has been made to give a great sense of strength and energy, high intensity and strong attitude and it puts together different music genres from rock and heavy metal music to epic orchestral pieces, from pumping EDM grooves to gritty electronic pop beats. So, if you’re looking for background aggressive music for a trailer, or maybe a cool background track for your new product launch, you just found the ideal royalty free music collection. Browse and download dozens of aggressive music for projects such as YouTube trailers, cinematic videos, product trailers, advertising and video games that require energetic and biting music. Like all of our music in our site, you can download this music for free when downloaded as short music loops or choose to purchase a royalty free license and download the standard length music loop or a Premium set which contains the standard music loop and all the edits available.