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Funny Music for Videos and Comedy

Funny Music for Videos and Comedy

A selection of royalty free funny music for videos and comedy

Adding funny music to a project is one of the quickest and most universal ways for creating an engaging connection with people over the internet. It has become a highly desired genre of popular music, illustrated by the fact that funny music gets a lot of appreciation everywhere. If you want to drive the pace of your comedy video and boost the fun factor of your project, knowing how to perfectly choose the funny background music for videos serves as an art.

Are you in search of good sources to find the best funny background music in one convenient place? If yes, PlayOnLoop is your destination. Bring your creative project to life with our diverse collection of funny royalty free music for videos, trailers, animations and cartoons, bloopers, advertising, and so much more.

We have a passion for making no copyright funny music that never fails to entertain people. Although our funny instrumental music is often light-hearted and happy, it can also be an extreme exaggeration of any genre, which makes your production hilariously enjoyable.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to intensify the fun of your video and create stronger connections with your audience. Get your hands on the perfect funny music for videos here:

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Cheerful Day

Happy Feel Good YouTube Music

Just like the title says! Cheerful, happy and feel good royalty free music with acoustic instruments such as ukulele and guitar which also give this music loop a nice tropical feel. Other than that, we have some catchy whistled melodies and a steady and modern groove with handclaps in the background. This royalty free music is a must for a large variety of projects including YouTube videos, Vlogs, App and games for kids, comedy and bloopers and fun commercials.

African World Music Royalty Free

Happy Tribe

Happy Tribal World Music

Happy and upbeat tribal music using mostly ethnic and acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars, kalimba, african nylon stringed guitar, traditional chants and a lot of different percussion and tribal drums. This african instrumental music features an exotic groove and an uplifting and celebratory mood. It will be the ideal background music for travel and holiday videos, documentaries, video games, cartoons for kids, animations, and other fun content.

Royalty Free Funny Music for Children

Color Blocks

Funny Background Music for Kids

Playful, easy going and funny background music loop with a happy and comical feel. Featuring a variety of instruments such as clarinet, accordion, pizzicato strings and other percussive instruments such as xylophone, glockenspiel. This music is ideal for cheery animations, comic movie scenes, funny commercials, bloopers, cat or children videos, casual video games and much more.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Daily Special

Funny and Happy Music for Media

Bright, fun and charming, with a holiday, vacation feel for TV, commercial, advertising.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Computer Gag

Happy Music for Video and Bloopers

Soft, melodic and light background music inspired by hilarious computer commercials with gentle piano notes, marimba and pizzicato strings. Very subtle and mellow, will work perfectly as background music. Ideal for comic animations, entertaining commercials, bloopers videos, videos about pets, cooking tutorials, and other comedy situations!

A special thanks goes to Luca Upper for his picture of those wonderful baloons :-)

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