Cinematic Music for Videos and Trailers

Handpicked Royalty Free Cinematic Music for Videos and Trailers

Cinematic music holds massive ability to radically change your audience’s perception and emotions towards a video. The music you chose for trailers, along with visuals edited together, form an important basis for branding the entire video’s identity. In the space of just a couple of minutes, the cinematic background music for videos interacts with the visuals to create an advertisement style that reaches out to the intended demographic.

If you are a content creator or filmmaker and looking for the best cinematic royalty free music, you are at the right place. Play on Loop provides you the facility to choose the perfect cinematic instrumental music for trailers, intros, videos, animation, product launch, advertising and much more from its extensive no copyright cinematic music collection.

Our cinematic music for videos tells your audience what to feel. It may seem simple, but without music an audience isn’t always keen on what’s important and what’s less important. Music will tell your audience when to get on the edge of their seat and when to lean back.

So, rock your productions today and find the exemplary cinematic music for your videos on PlayOnLoop, we selected a few looping music tracks for you:

Kudos to Samuel Zeller for allowing us to use his great movie camera picture :-)