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Background Music for Storytelling

Background Music for Storytelling

A selection of royalty free music for storytelling videos and slideshows

According to many professional speakers, stories of any kind can be irresistible for the audience. Telling your story to your followers definitely ignite their imagination and makes them follow the mental movies created in their heads. Today, storytelling techniques became extremely useful for presenters, business leaders, marketers, novelists and journalists. They can come in all forms, from slide shows, to YouTube videos, infographics or just photograpy.

An inspiring, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack can be a game changer for your storytelling technique. Touching, tender, elegant, encouraging; it can bring feelings of joy and emotion for your story. We have selected some music which can be the ideal background music for storytelling, you can use this royalty free music for any kind of media such as slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, sentimental videos, personal growth, life achievements, romantic or valentine´s day video, charity video campaigns and more.

Our instrumental music for storytelling has been carefully selected to immerse your audience in a story. They will work wonders in those videos about achieving goals and striving for success such as climbing a mountain. These background music tracks will also be excellent for promo videos, time lapse or travel vlog. They can also be used as music for documentaries.

So, be sure to add our music to your story and we can assure you it will stick in your audience’s mind for years to come. Here are some suggestions:

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free

Trust in Us

Soothing Music for Family and Media

Calm and feel good track, optimistic attitude for commercials, charity appeals, documentaries.

Royalty Free Orchestral Music

The Challenge

Epic Challenge Inspiration Music

Hollywoodian theme, intense and decisive with real orchestra, piano and harp.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free
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Shared Story

Uplifting Motivational Guitar Music

A simple yet catchy acoustic pop music loop with an uplifting, motivating and inspiring mood. Featuring acoustic guitar, gentle piano notes, glockenspiel, choirs, hand claps and percussion. Great as background music for TV and radio commercials, advertising, lifestlye, podcasts or Youtube videos.

Royalty Free Ambient Soothing Music


Emotional and Ispirational Music

A thoughtful and emotive piano music loop with a repetitive phrase accompanied by lush and reverberated synth pad sounds. After the first section it evolves in a richer arrangement with warm stacked sounds and an hand percussion groove. Inspiring and soothing, it's ideal as background ambient music for inspirational videos, trailers, commercials, slideshows, emotional scenes and nature or city footages.

Pop Easy Listening Music Royalty Free

Feels Nice

Relaxing Acoustic Guitar Music

An easy going and toe tapping acoustic track with guitars, glockenspiel, hand claps and piano notes for a warm, appealing and optimistic melody.

Happy Corporate Music Royalty Free


Relaxing Acoustic Music for Media

A light, gentle and joyful ambient / pop background music loop. Slow paced and delicate rythm performed on stringed instruments, gently flowing chords and raising intensity with strings melodies. Delicate, smooth and appealing, ideal for commercials and advertising, motivational, family and life, romantic trailers and so on.

A special thanks goes to Xan Griffin for the incredible sunset picture :-)

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