Background Music for Showreel

Make Your Show Reel Stand Out From the Rest with Royalty Free Background Music

Your showreel is your resume as an artist or designer, so the last thing you want is for it to be dull. Showreels that get attention have a cool and edgy design, while some people are eschewing traditional portfolios all together in favor of trailer-style videos and video portfolios featuring special effects and VFX.

How can you upgrade your showreel or design concepts? Add background music! Our wide selection of instrumental music will make your showreel (and therefore, you) seem more professional and up to date with industry trends. Our free music is always no copyright music, meaning you can use it however you want to amp up the energy in your showreel and get casting agents excited about bringing you in for an audition and ultimately, hiring you for the job.

A showreel with our royalty free music can make all the difference compared to an amateur showreel when it comes to getting you those all-important jobs – show directors and producers that you take your visual work or designer career seriously with showreel music that demonstrates your commitment to high production quality and originality.

It’s simple to get started – just check our perfect music selection or go further and browse our whole catalog:

Thanks to the folks at FreePik for the premium picture about visual design :-)