8 Bit Music for Indie Games

Handpicked Royalty Free 8 Bit Music for Games

8 bit music, also known as chiptune music, became a must for a lot of indie game developers working on their old school games. It has become a highly desired genre of game music because it reminds people of the golden era of video games and it perfectly fits those games using pixel art graphics. If you want to add some exciting background 8 bit music to your games and boost the whole experience for the gamers, you just found the perfect music website.

If you are in search of good sources to find the best 8 Bit music for indie games, PlayOnLoop is a great starting point, because we have a lot of chiptunes in one convenient place – our 8 bit music category. You can find and download from there the best music for any genre of game, from platformers to racing games, or from RPGs to shooters. Our vast collection of 8 bit royalty free music for games, can be also used for trailers, intros and endings, animations, cutscenes and so much more.

We have a passion for making 8 bit chiptune music and we have made a lot of it in the past years. Although our game background music loops are very varied and versatile, we try to give them a very consistent sound, based on the same sound that you could hear on games in the arcades, or consoles and computers from the 80s and 90s such as NES, Nintendo Game Boy and Commodore 64.  So you won’t find mixed genres (for example 8 bit sounds mixed with modern EDM music) in our collection. We really want to have a genuine retro game sound for our music!

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to download true 8 bit music for indie games which will help you to both achieve a true retro feeling and add quality background music in your game. Get your hands on our royalty free 8 bit music, here are some handpicked tracks to get you started: