16 Bit Music for Indie Games

Handpicked Royalty Free 16 Bit Music for Games

16 bit music, is a very wide subgenre of the so-called chiptune music genre. It’s very popular in the indie game development scene, as it represents a perfect fit for those video games developed with a retro-looking aesthetics, using pixel art assets and old school style illustrations. So, for those who need exciting background 16 bit music for their retro games and, they can find plenty of chiptunes in this music website.

If you are a game developer looking for a place to download the best 16 Bit music for indie games, PlayOnLoop could be a great resource for you, because we have built a big library of chiptunes in our site – our 16 bit music category. You can find and download the best music for any genre of game, from platformers to racing games, or from RPGs to shooters. Our collection of 16 bit royalty free music for games, is also ideal for video game trailers, intros and endings, cutscenes, animation, and other game-related media.

We are very passionate about making 16 bit chiptune music and we have produced a lot of over the years. Our 16 bit background music loops have been produced with two different types of techniques: FM synthesis and sample-based synthesis. We tried to match the same style that you could hear on games in the arcades, or consoles from the 80s and 90s such as Super Nintendo aka SNES, Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis (using FM), MSX computers, Amiga, and Neo Geo. You won’t find mixed genres (for example 16 bit sounds mixed with modern EDM music) in our collection. We really want to have a genuine retro game sound for our music!

So, begin browsing our catalog and download true 16 bit music for indie games which will perfectly suit your old school game and raise the quality of your product. Check out our royalty free 16 bit music, here are some handpicked tunes you might like: